Thursday, 22 March 2007

I'm almost there.

At last I have all my documents and Pauline, the agent that I am dealing with, told me to send the stuff to her. She hadn't received it yet at the time of writing, but she has phoned my references to talk to them.

Seems she liked them and what they said, 'cause today she phoned me and told me I have been placed already. I will be working with middle school children. Apparently that is 14 - 16 year old, and apparently they are nothing like us SA people at that age. We'll just have to see.

Another thing is that I will be sharing my accommodation with an American girl. I don't mind. If she is cute and sexy then we can make the one room the bedroom and the other the study. hehehehehehe

She is already working at the school and says it quite nice there. A nice thing is that she is already settled there and will be able to help me out quite a lot :-)

Pauline asked me to send the contract in the mean time, even though she hasn't received the document I had to send her, 'cause it will save time. I suppose it will, but the real time issues will now be with the visa and getting a flight there.

I wish I could give a time as to when I am off now, but all I can say is that it will be soon and then I will send pictures of those weird people on that side and tell you what they get up to.

Till next time…

Thursday, 15 March 2007

And now...

It's been a while since I gave an update on this Blog, so I thought I should do something about that. Here follows what happened since my last post...

They stuck another needle in to me! Bloody hell! I am not afraid of needles and I look while they are doing it. It is not actually sore, after all. I even went to the gym that same day, but it is just the principle. It is INSIDE my body! Why? I had to go for my booster shots. Only again in one year and then I am done

This is not the reason for the long silence though. I was waiting for the Police Clearance Certificate so show that I am no criminal, or at least that I ha vent been caught yet. hehehe

Anyway, after waiting for more than month for that, I got it and tomorrow I will just have to go get the notarised copies form the Consulate and then courier it to the agent. Hopefully that will go faster.

Since the last post my Korean friend from the airline as been to Johannesburg. She was here for a week. It was great! I took her everywhere and showed her a much as I could while she was here.

I have learned a few more Korean words as well and she was bombarding me with the ones I did know. Stupid bloody language! Why can’t everyone just speak Afrikaans, huh?

So what next in this whole scheme? Well, I wait, again. I am sending a signed contract and they just have to decide if they like it or not. Who knows? Let's hope for the best. I want to go there real badly and if this doesn't work out I will have to go to another country and get experience and then try again.

One thing that I can say about being here for so long with so little to do is that I learned a hell of a lot about Photoshop and tried many new things with my camera. I am getting better with it and maybe I can sell a few pictures in a couple years. Maybe even teach people beginners Photoshop in Korea ;-)