Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Needed Information

Things seem to be moving along slowly in the job department. I was thinking of going to the Korean Embassy to hear if they know of any other places I may apply to. I sound out that I love about 10 minutes walk from the embassy. Quite handy, since I will have to go there a few times in the near future to get my visa and other documents done

"So", you might say, "what is up with the Needed Information"? Well, the one guy kept on asking me for one document, then another and another and never seemed to stop. I was starting to think that he had sent me a list with everything I need at some point that I didn't see. Turns out he is just asking.

The other women, the one that recruits for the public school system, asked me how far I was with my notarization of my documents. When I asked her what she meant because I thought I only had to send the actual copies when they accepted me, she said that she has to send it with the application form.

Boy! Was I dumbfounded? What application form and what documents do I have to attach? I checked our correspondence and searched their site, but nothing useful could be found. I asked her what I was missing and she ended up sending me an application form that actually has all the information on it. Well, now, if I had that earlier then I would have done the stuff earlier, wouldn't I?

But what can be done but go on. Tomorrow I am off to the Visa section of the Embassy to et my stuff done. That is the easy part. Apparently I have to try and get my university to make me a sealed copy of my transcripts. I will have to ask at the embassy what exactly that is so that I can ask the uni-people.

Work. Work. Work. And I'm not even working yet. Sheez!

I also went on to to look for a few books to make things easier for me. You know. Things like Korean Cooking, cause they just doe have any Pap & Wors there. Also, since I seem unable to translate English to Korean, I will also get a small dictionary and a few other things just for the hell of it.

Seems that is all I want to say about thins for now. Talk to you lot again some time.

Sunday, 21 January 2007

The Story So Far

Sooooooooo. What has happening so far?

Well, I applied to three places that I found on the net and in books. If I find anything interesting that I am able to apply for, then I will try that out as well. One that I applied for was Pagoda. It seems interesting 'cause I don't have to teach children. I prefer the "larger children" to the smaller ones, really. The other one is in the Korean public school system, and the third is in the private schools for I'm not sure who. I heard back from two and we will just have to see what happens next. One sent me this fun test that I had to complete. It had questions about what I would tell people if something was wrong, and how to spot the mistakes and such. A basic assessment of my English and teaching skills. I really liked it.

In the mean time I found a add for Etihad Airlines in the newspaper. they are coming here in the 26th of Jan and I will apply just to see what happens. I have the experience, and it will be nice to travel again. It is a problem for my future though. Flying gives you experience for nothing but flying. Shame that.

Let's just wait a bit and see what happens here. I always said I wanted to live in the east for a while, so it will not be easy to decide should I get a offer from both.

In the mean time, let me just play on the internet and take more pictures of my own country.

Cheers vir eers.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

The Idea

I met quite a few Korean girls while working in the Airlines and wanted to know a bit more about the place. One day in Manchester I saw a Travel Guide on the place and looked at it. It looked interesting and I bought it.

After browsing the guide, I decided that this is the country where I would like to spend some time there some day. I had always said that I would like to live in the east for a while, and this seemed the place.

Then, a few months back, I found about that they use people like me to teach English Second Language. I thought cool, but left it there. As I got more and more unhappy at the airline, the possibility of going to Seoul to teach grew, until I decided that I would wait a bit at the airline and then make a move there. Save a bit of money and all that.

As it happened, I was fired, and if you know anything about working for Qatar Airways, then it is that you will not get fired for endangering the lives of passengers, but you will get fired for not wearing your uniform correctly while doing so.

Over the last few weeks I have made an serious effort to find in formation on working there, got my resume ready and started sending things out.

This is what is happening here and all that I want to write about for the time being. Look at is as a introduction to what the rest of the Blog will be about, my attempts to get to Korea and my life there if I do happen to make it there.

For now, I will greet you farewell, until my next post.