Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Short skirts and expensive watches.

Two of my students are competing in an English competition today. Unlike the previous years, my involvement has been limited to listening to then once, suggesting intonation changes, and then listening to them the next day. The whole thing has been handled by my co-teacher, who is going to Seoul National University of Education next year. The women is a machine. There is seemingly nothing she can’t do.

Here is the dialogue they will do as part of their “presentation”.


Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

We are Jang Da-Yeong and Jo Soo-Bin from Icheon Songjeong Middle School. We would like you ask you a couple of questions:

Have you ever shortened your skirts to make it look better?
Or have you ever bought expensive but good looking products?

Our dialogue today is related to these questions.


Soo-Bin: You look very gloomy today. Is everything all right?

Da-Yeong: I got scolded for my short skirt just a few minutes ago. What's up with you?

Soo-Bin: I'm just dying to get a limited edition watch, but I don't have enough money for it.

Da-Yeong: I heard that limited one is very expensive.

Soo-Bin: It is!

Da-Yeong: How much is it?

Soo-Bin: It's seven hundred thousand won and I'm only twenty thousand won short, and I have to hurry because there aren’t many watches left.

Da-Yeong: What!? Seven hundred thousand won? It costs too much! Why must you have it?

Soo-Bin: I don’t know. I guess the reason is about the same as you wanting to wear short skirts. I feel that watch will make me look special.

Da-Yeong: Maybe, but we can buy cheap watches in the markets, and there is little difference between those and the expensive watches.

Soo-Bin: Normal, cheap watches don't look cool! And my friends don't think they are great either! Tell me, what makes you want to wear a short skirt?

Da-Yeong: I feel longer skirts makes my legs look fat, and that make me feel embarrassed.

Soo-Bin: I don't get it. Why does it make you feel embarrassed? Isn't it just your own imagination? I think longer skirts make you look nicer and neater.

Da-Yeong: I don't agree. Something different, like a short skirt, earrings, colour contact lenses and make-up makes me stand out. None of those cost W 700 000. Why do you want to have expensive things?

Soo-Bin: I don't have the real reason. I just feel famous products (brand names) are cooler.

Da-Yeong: I think both of us are focusing on the superficial things too much.

Soo-Bin: Maybe you're right. I do stress looks most of the time.

Da-Yeong: I think we should improve our inner beauty.

Soo-Bin: You can say that again. Let's start doing meaningful things. Maybe we can read more, and try to help others. That will make us really beautiful and special people.

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