Thursday, 09 August 2007

Two Weeks - Part Two

(I was not in the mood to make sure my grammar spelling and other related things were correct, so get over it)

Thursday and again, on the bus I noticed how scared Koreans are of me. Maybe they are just extremely shy, but either way it is strange. When I am on the bus, sitting on a double seat I can confidently lounge. There is about a 95% change that no one will sit next to me, even if it means them standing. What do they think will happen? I am sure they will not catch Whiteness from me. I am not going to start talking to them. I really don’t get it.

On Friday my long intended trip to get my computer fixed finally happened. This, needles to say, meant Yongsan in Seoul. I think I might actually be getting used to Yongsan and I can kind of find my way around now. I might also have cracked the code of getting back to the Express Bus Terminal without having to do a trip of Seoul first. I’m quite confident that Platform 1 at Yongsan is the one that will get me going in the right direction. Unfortunately I only fond this one after going half way to Incheon and being stuck on a platform for almost an hour

There is on thing to note about the side trip. The train was near empty, so I took the closes seat, which happened to be one of the seats reserved for the elderly and other people in need of special seats. The old man across from me then felt the need to tell me that I need to move so that all the other non existing people can sit in the reserved seats. Honestly, I appreciate the idea and I will gladly move then expected, but don’t get stupid on me now.

On Saturday I basically did nothing. I sat watching TV and clarified what I need to do to get organised. It is so nice not having to work weird hours every day, I feel like I can now plan to live a little.

I know I haven’t been here that long, but I would expect to have figured out the traffic lights but now. Surely an intersection with traffic light to control it can’t be that difficult to do. Why do I need to stand for 5 minutes just to cross the road? Even then I have to worry about being run over. I find it fascinating how shocked people can be when I cross the road before the light turns green, but they don’t bat an eyelid when the cars completely ignore the signals.

Paris Baguette sells doughnuts filled with red beans. I think it is great, but most Westerners don’t seem to like it. Apart from being a bit to sweet, I don’t really understand why not.

As I was sitting in PB, a group of young people were forming at the tables next to me and they appeared to be doing bible study. It is really interesting how often I see people doing Bible study in places like coffee shops.

Last week, the one following the on I just spoke about, I basically did nothing. I worked on my stuff for the Holiday school and that was about the extent of what I did.

That ends part two of my two week blog and what useless things I got up to.

*Please note that the statements in this Blog are not intended to make anyone look bad. I do not look down on Koreans. I'm merely describing how amusing I sometimes find people and I am mostly describing it to other westerners. Feel free to come to South Africa and tell the world how crazy we are because heaven knows, we are.

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