Sunday, 30 September 2007

Getting up to date.


On Wednesday, still part of Chusak, I went to Seolbong Park. I walked there form my house and strolled thought parts of Icheon I didn’t know existed. The park itself was surprisingly quiet. I was expecting many people out having a picnic on such a beautiful day. I got a few interesting pictures and saw parts of the park I didn’t go to last time.

Friday afternoon the pins were removed from my hand. They did it without any kind of pain relief. The doctor just took tongs twisted the pins and pulled. All I could say was “Ooooowch”. The doctor just smiled back at me and went ahead with the next pin. It was sore for about an hour, but after that it was great to have full motion back without pain. The muscles just need to get back up to standard again, but that will come in time.

Yesterday (Saturday) I went to YongSan as the guide for a few SA girls. That is not the great thing. It is great that we managed to get back to the right track without getting lost first, like normally happens to me

This coming week I will hopefully edit a lot of photos. I can comfortably hold my mouse again and I have already started on some of them.

This was a short post, but I didn’t feel like writing to much and wanted to get it out on time.

Go well everyone.

*Please note that the statements in this Blog are not intended to make anyone look bad. I do not look down on Koreans. I'm merely describing how amusing I sometimes find people and I am mostly describing it to other westerners. Feel free to come to South Africa and tell the world how crazy we are because heaven knows, we are.

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