Friday, 13 February 2009

In the shower, we will dream the seven sees.

Seven in the morning. Just a normal winter school day with the alarm intruding on my sleep. Except for the odd occasion when the alarm tune forms part of my dream, I wake up.

Waking up is the easy part. Did I mention its winter? Its freezing outside my warm covers and it takes serious willpower to throw the blankets off myself and get out of bed.

When I eventually manage this feat, I head over to my apartment's heat control panel. Hot showers in winter are generally preferable to cold showers.

I'm not completely awake, so deciding which of my two standard breakfasts to prepare takes some time…

Breakfast done, I sit down to eat, and listen to a podcast or watch some or other download.

While I'm eating I'm psyching myself up to get off the comfy chair, away from the electric heater and in to the shower. This is also known as waking up.

Because it's cold out side of the actual shower water area, I tend to stand there like a reptile, not moving from the warm spot and heating up as the water flows over my body.

This morning I noticed something strange. When I look down I see something protruding from the vicinity of my groin. I don't always notice it, but it's always there. This strange protrusion is mostly used for excreting fluid wastes, but it has the added benefit of being fun to play with. Too bad it is so strange looking.

This strange scene got me thinking. When I look down I think: "That wrinkly, dangly thing is weird," so do women ever look down and think: "Wow. Look at that. Those pointy, bouncy things are a bit weird, aren't they?"

Do Korean (East Asian) girls ever look down and think "I want no baaady, no baaady bah Jew! *Clap-Clap*,*Clap*", or any other irrelevant thought, because there is nothing sticking out?


Jason said...


That has to be the most random, bizarre, and sojacked (soju + hijacked) post I've seen you do.

Everything alright over there, lol?

I think this might be a case of the mid-winter madness blues . . .

Hope all is well,

Otto Silver said...

It is indeed a bit random, but it was on my mind, and it was fun to write. It was actually just an extended version of my Facebook status update.

From your comment it seems you look at this blog relatively often. Who are all you people and what are you doing here?

Seriously though. I don't actually write for anyone. Most of what I write here is more a recording of my thoughts, mostly for myself. It surprised me every time when someone I don't know, or don't know well posts a comment.

It is nice though :)

Jason said...

Dude--I have a ghastly and horrific truth to reveal to you--YOU'RE POSTING ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB . . .

(pauses while waiting for a Neo moment where the spike is pulled out of the back of his neck, and the horror, the horror of realizing he's writing on the Net sinks in . . . )

Still funny, and perhaps 'quirky' is a good word to use?

I read you're blog pretty often--I have something like a 100 K-blogs on my own blog that I surf to see what everyone is up to--and to keep myself sane from the boredom that is life in Chuncheon . . .

Keep up the randomness . ..