Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Oh, lucky me!

My favorite teacher, when it comes to all things that make Korea just the most amazing place ever devised since fire was discovered, informed me again today that I should count myself lucky to be living in Korea. Indeed?!

Why this time? Denjang Jigae, that’s why!

“How can THIS be the reason?” I hear you ask. Well, you see, off all the foods and substances in the world, this is the only dish that helps to prevent cancers. Yes, I kid you not. Eat this every day and you will never get cancer. Forget everything else that contains the same substances, the reasons for this jigae’s amazing power, because this is the only thing that works.

Now, for you lucky enough to live in Korea, go to bed and sleep well tonight. As for the rest of you, make sure you get to know your doctor very well.


Jen said...

It is very delicious!

Otto Silver said...

But Kimchi Jigae is many more delicious and able to cure anything, so even if I do get cancer then there would be no problem ;)

Roboseyo said...


Can this teacher's kimcheerleading become a regular feature on your blog?

I've heard dwenjang jigae also works better than viagara, "for man".