Wednesday, 29 April 2009

How Sweet

Yesterday was a rainy day here at in Two Thousand City. The morning started out fine, but there was lots of heavy drizzle, if I can call it that, in the afternoon. I knew it was going to rain, but because I did my normal thing of losing the house keys inside the house, I was going to be late for school if I didn’t take the bike, and my wet bike is what this post is about.

I was parked in a position where I could see my bike from my class window. I noticed that there were umbrellas in the area when my bike was suppose to be, but I didn’t really register what was going on. Only later when I walk out to leave school did I realized when I was greeted by this site:

I still don’t know who did this because they haven’t come to pick up their umbrellas, but it is the nicest thing anyone has done for me in a very long time

b.t.w. I had to recreate the scene because I didn’t have a camera with me at the time.

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