Tuesday, 07 April 2009

Icheon Baeksa Sansuyu Flower Festival

This weekend we went to the Icheon Baeksa Sansuyu Flower Festival. Quite a mouth full for very little. To be fair, it was not much IF you went with the expectations that there would be lost of flowers to look at.

The flower that all the fuss was about, Sansuyu, roughly translated as Mountain Beast Milk, is a little yellow flower that booms on the trees in that area. It does give a yellow tint to the trees, but that is about it. If you weren’t aware that you were supposed to look at them you would just miss them altogether.

Sunday was a beautiful day and I am pretty sure that just made it all the better for the real reason the festival was being held. The real reason, in my humble opinion, was to have a singing competition, a martial arts demonstration and stalls that all sell the same Makoli. I am pretty sure if I understood more Korean, and I could enjoy the competitions and related activities, this little festival would have been a blast. Maybe, maybe, some day.

Like I said, the day was a disappointment, but that is because I went for photos and only managed to get four photos of interest and only one decent one of an actual flower:

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