Friday, 29 January 2010

Cake Cup

I discovered this coffee shop slash bakery a few days ago. The coffee is not the best (still Bliss Coffee), but it is good, and however little the coffee is lacking in taste is made up for by the very low price and the setting.

Cake Cup is a charming little place that bakes and sells mini cakes, cup cakes and biscuits along with the standard hot drinks. I might be spoiled with South African prices, but paying more than R20, about US$2.50, for a single little cup cake seems a bit much for me. Then again, I might also just be ignorant of prices back in the RSA. Soon, however, i will taste one.

What follows is basically just a dump of photos that I took at Cake Cup. If only I had a very wide angle lens to capture the whole place in one shot.

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From Cake cup said...

Hello~ i'm Sanga who works for cake cup. i saw your photos. they are so nice! thank you for posting our shop in your blog! Have a nice day!! ^^