Monday, 18 January 2010

Spot, the Stand-up Comedian

Spot, a student of mine, was telling me jokes just now.

Student: Dog, you know. Barn. What?

Me: Huh?

Student: Barn? You know?

Me: ...blah...blah… B-U-R-N? As in Fire?

Student: Yes? Hot dog!

Weird girl was asking me “What do you call a burning dog?” Funny.

Then she asked me if I knew (insert strange Korean word) from Star Wars. A quick action showed me she was talking about a Lightsaber, the light sword thing-a-ma-bob. So she asked: “What colour is a lightsaber?” Naturally I answered: “Red, blue or green.” Shaking her head she said “Orange!”

It only took her only a couple of seconds and a blank look on my face to realise that this was a joke that only worked in Korean. Apparently the world for “orange” is Juhwang(주황), and if you say this quickly it is the sound of a lightsaber extending. Once I got that part I was actually quite amusing.

Side note:

I looked up “Orange” and then “Orange Colour” on Google Translate. It gave me “오렌지 컬러” (Oraenjee Ceolleoh), basically just English with a Korean accent. Quite useless, actually.

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