Monday, 05 July 2010

Pinhole on the cheap

I was running a few errant in Seoul yesterday. One of those took me by Myeongdong and since that is right next to Chungmuro, my new favourite photography related area, I thought I would go there and look for this little beauty. Behold, the PinholeArt 135-Tiny. It is made in Korea, so no English instructions, but easy enough to put together. Everything you need, apart from film provided with the kit.

PinholeArt 135-Tiny

On the fhere is a piece of board that slides left and right. This is, in effect, your shutter. You open it, count, close it. High tech stuff. What I haven’t figured out yet is how I know where the next exposure starts. I’ve been unable to find information online, so at the moment I am assuming that the film is just one long exposure and the photos are placed and positioned by the camera. I’m guessing I there will be quite a few overlapping photos on this first one.

Fully set up

On the back you have a quick reference that tells you how long you need to keep the shutter open. 90 seconds when you are inside with the light one. Scary. Because I bought 400 film, I am using the pinhole on my DSLR with the ISO at 400 as a gauge. As of yet I have no idea if it will work. We’ll know when the film is developed.


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