Sunday, 04 July 2010

The stupidity continues.

Sometimes I am willing to say "Culture." But sometimes I need to stay "F***ing STUPID!"

쉬즈 아웃 오브 마이 리그, transliterated "Swejeu a-oot obeu ma-i reegeu". That, my deers friends, is supposed to be English. "She's" apparently, is the same as "Swejeu"

Again I have to ask, if someone understands any of that, why then do you need to write it in Korean. If you can't read the English, then surely this will have no meaning to you, so why have it as a name? Sheer stupidity, that is why.

On a similar note, "How to Train Your Dragon" is now just "Dragon" in Korean. Really? Are you telling me there are no other dragon films out there? Are you telling me you were completely unable to give it a Korean name? It is not as if this animation was even released in English, or was it? Sheer stupidity!

(To be fair, Dragon has "taming" written underneath, but quite a bit smaller, and I can guarantee you that almost no one will use it.)


The_Mon said...

I've also heard the movie called "Tame your Dragon." And what about "The Karate Kid" remake being "Best-uh Kid-uh" in Korean? Wtf?

Otto Silver said...

I dont really have a problem with them changing the actual title, as long as it is either a Korean title written in KOrean, or an English title written in English.

Titles are change in to strange things in many countries. Germany is right up there with weird names when you translate them back from German.