Wednesday, 07 January 2009

The Dok-rock Song

We love Dok-rock!

We love Dok-rock!

We love Dok-rock!


Thanks for letting me see this, Jennifer.



* I wish they would stop this crap. Twee Klip Eiland (Two Rock Island) belongs to South Africa. I know it doesn't seem obvious that it belongs to us, but it appears under various names, that now belong to other existing islands, in the wrong position on South African maps. It used to have people living there of whom there is now no evidence and sea lions were seen there. All these facts prove that it belongs to South Africa. It is a fact and I can must be true because  I can scream louder than you about it.

** All the sea gulls is just more proof that it belongs to South Africa.

*** I take offence that the name for the water surrounding the "island" translate to something like "East Sea". Korea should change the name as we in South Africa find it offensive that it is not called, The Sea Over There On The Top Right Of The Map is not called something else in a language that we never speak.


pinklaura said...

i love this post

Otto Silver said...

You should read the reasons they claim The Rocks as their "island". They rival religions for for believing things without, or despite, evidence.

Jen said...

LOL I don't see why it couldn't be South Africa's. The logic of the maps equals the REAL Dokdo line of sight logic or we like it most logic or the it's ours because I don't care for the terms of its surrender to Japan logic... I could go on for hours.