Thursday, 08 January 2009

Two men, one coffee shop, no one else.

I’m sitting in Holly’s Coffee, because they have free Internet, doing stuff on the Internet. Right across from me are two guys, one drinking espresso and one some other drink in a paper take out cup. For those of you who don not live here it will not seem that strange, but for the rest of us is will be at least a little odd.

First off, you don’t see lots of men in coffee shops and this is the first time I have EVER seen two men alone in a coffee shop. I am sure they are alone because they are at a table for two people. Secondly, one is drinking espresso. I have never seen a Korean drink that. Lastly, they are dressed like men. I mean real men. There is no pink to be seen, no girly looking blouse, no women’s hairstyle, nothing.

Back to my photo editing and uploading…

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