Thursday, 08 January 2009

Viva Japan.

You have to wonder what the point of a clip like this could be:

I cant figure out if it was a reply to some other post, but the statements are about as useless as the information on the average researched article in a Korean newspaper. Seems to be running in the region, this.

Interesting things about this is that the creator went out of his way to find he worst possible pictures that not only make Koreans look bad, but also shows nothing to validate his point. He show one, count them, ONE piece if research that is likely out of context and has no reference. We will never know if this was just make up or real research.

Another interesting thing is that he somehow seems to imply that South East Asians are inferior. Chinese seems to be OK, but oh those brown skinned peoples!

I do like the pictures of the women with their breasts exposed. I have hear about this, but never saw pictures of it and never really searched for it either.

* What makes people think that their race, any race,  is better than any other. What makes Japanese or Korean people think that! There is no possible way they can think that, having been stuck on their little islands for so long that the world hardly knows anything about them. 

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