Friday, 20 March 2009

For your consideration

Dear Parent

Do you care about your child’s education? I am guessing you do, otherwise you would not be attending the parents meeting this afternoon. I have to ask though, do you think that interrupting the whole schools schedule is conducive to a good learning environment? Would it really that much of a problem to attend a meeting at 3pm rather than 2:30pm?

Kind regards
Otto Silver

Dear Principal

This school is not exactly known as the best organised in the area, so as per usual I was told today’s about the schedule change this morning. Apparently all classes will be 5 minutes shorter. If I plan my classes to run exactly 45 minutes and suddenly 5 minutes are chopped of, what would be the effect when I have to rush my class? Normally that translates to either I skip something completely or part of the class don’t get their one minute English practice with me.

When the paying adults who attend “conversation” classes have less time with me because no one told them about the changes, would that be good for the schools image. I was just wondering.

Kind Regards
Otto Silver

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