Friday, 13 March 2009

Go ahead. You have my permission.

It is something I have only noticed from older men, and one woman who happens to be my vice principal. In other words, I have only noticed it in Senior Koreans. Since I haven’t lived in Japan or China yet, I have no idea if it happens there.

I’m in the lunch room, plate filled with my Korean food, on my way to the area where I always sit, when I pass a Senior. What happens? I am gestured to sit down and eat. No, not to sit down next to said senior, but sit down where I choose. Really?! I have his permission to sit down and eat the food that is already served on my plate, to sit down and eat the food that I paid for, to eat MY food, anywhere I choose?

I see them do this to students all the time.

I’m at the petrol station, parked and ready to fill up my little motor cycle, when the older guy working there comes out and calls me over to another pump, closer to the office where he emerged. Maybe that pump is dry, but I suspect he was just too lazy to walk five more steps.

Obediently I go over to the pump that is more convenient for him and park the bike. He opens the flap to open the petrol tank, just to see that he needs a key to open it. He does this while I’m taking the key out of the ignition. As I am moving the key to the tank cap, obviously intending to open it, he gestures to it, seemingly saying: “Sure, you may open it.” Really?! You are so kind, letting me open the petrol tank, letting you top me up and take my money, as your business is suppose to do.

This man has seen me here many times, but for some reason it is the first time he topped me up.

I freely admit that I might be missing a cultural component here, but I suspect it is the kind cultural component that I wouldn’t care for if I knew, the kind of cultural component that does not fit in to the Diverse Global Culture that is Korea. At one point I was thinking that it might be a language thing where the gesture represents something you would normally say, but then why do I only get this from Seniors, not from people who are my “equals”? Am I missing something? Can anyone help me out here?


Anonymous said...

What do you think of Lee Hyori K -pop singer.
I am curious, because i like her for exotic Oriental appeal .joking !!!

She 's very sexy and cute !!

Curious ???

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous, why don't you comment at k-pop blogs, where hyori is on topic, instead of here?

Otto Silver said...

I was actually going to comment, but because it is completely irrelevant, I just forgot about it. I think IHR is as hot as they come, I have no idea what her singing is like and she seems to have a nice personality.

Because I am older then her, I give her my permission to do whatever she wants.

Anonymous said...

My apologies ,I was off topic about Hyori !!!

Nice blog you got it here ,Sir .