Friday, 09 October 2009

School Days – Part Dul

I post dated this post with the wrong month. Sorry about that.

Every now and then I bring my camera to school so that I can walk around during breaks and see what I can get. Some days I am lucky and some days I’m not. This particular was a good day.

Koreans students are violent, I tell you. I am glad I didn’t grow up here because if girls start beating on me I start beating back, and that is just not gentlemanly for most people.

In this photo I actually wanted to focus on the boy, but they were moving and I ended up focusing on the girl. Now it looks like that was the better option anyway.


Oh, the victory/peace sign, part of that very special photo pose that many Asians, especially East of India, seem to be addicted to. This girl wanted to do the normal next to the face pose, but I was not having any of that. Twenty students giving me the same pose was going to get old quickly.


Sure, I was a gentleman and helped the female teachers move everything, but not before I shot a few photos

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