Sunday, 04 October 2009

Hanbok Cuteness

One of the fun things about Chuseok is seeing the children dressed up in their little Hanbok. Adults don’t wear it very often, but that does not stop them from “punishing” their children, does it? I always say that if I ever have children, I will dress them is the silliest clothes I can until they start realizing what I’m doing. At least the Hanbok is pretty and traditional, er?

I saw this little girl at Express Bus Terminal in Seoul and could not resist the chance to snap a picture of her. I found the men in the background a little distracting and tried to blur them a little, but applying to strong a blur was creating a halo around the girl herself. At least I know I was not the only one appreciating the cuteness of the little girl in her pink top and navy blue skirt chasing the pigeons.

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