Sunday, 01 November 2009


It was the week before Halloween and I was thinking that it would be fun to carve pumpkins for the Extra English Class. Fun is relative, because it was MY first time to carve a pumpkin and as an added benefit I was going to photograph the results. It is quite possible that I enjoyed the whole event more than any of the students.


The Final products. I have a closet type area in my classroom that no one knew about. It is nice because it is pitch black inside when the door is closed. I found a piece of cloth, improvised to drape it, set up my camera on a tri-pod with a remote shutter release and started. I sommer took the chance to teach some of my students how to handle a camera.


With these two particular pumpkins you can see the Eastern Asian propensity to making everything look cute. It us Halloween! Not Power Puff Girls Day! Sheeeeeeez. ^.^


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River Law said...

Hey I really use some times to see your post .....till now i saw too many pic ,some pic i feel u are not happy ,when u take this,but now i see this pic ,let me feel u are happy ,hope can see your "happy pic " more
River ~^^