Friday, 27 November 2009

What is under your nose?

120 people walking, and most of them carrying cameras to take photographs of, well, whatever. I saw almost everyone in the group walk across the gravel and not one looked down to the new sound under their feet. Instead they spend their time posing for their own photos at another blue pool or another interesting rock.

After all these years and many hours of wondering, I still don’t get why people would want to have themselves in their own picture. Are they afraid someone will not believe that they were where they said they were? Does it matter if people believe you?

Is it because they really care so little for the view that they have to block it from the camera? There is the possibility that they are so obsessed with themselves that looking in the mirror is just not enough and now they have to make everyone else look at them a little too.

Maybe it is that they are just so programmed to “Take a picture of me here!” that they can’t even imagine beauty without their own faces spoiling it. I can understand you wanting a picture or two of yourself to give to family, what I don’t get is why you need to be in every picture on your camera.

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