Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Pepero Day, Everyone!

Pepero are chocolate covered pretzel sticks make by the Korean company Lotte. As far as I can tell Lotte is the biggest producer of sweets in Korea and with a marketing strategy like this it is easy to see why.

As you can see from the sticks in front, they are long and straight, like the number one. Put them next to each other and you will get 1111, or rather 11/11.

Yes, that's right, 11th of November. Pepero Day. It isn't exactly a holiday, but it seems to be one sometimes. The whole day today we will see people walking around with Pepero in their hands. Some people even buy boxes pasted together in large hart shapes or arranged in Pepero Bouquets.

Basically, Lotte has pulled of a new Valentine’s Day based solely on THEIR product. WOW.


*** Update ***

I found this nice photo and I’m posting it with stuckinseoul’s permition.

We might not do much for Christmas here in Korea, but damned if we are not going to make serious money on Pepero Day.

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