Wednesday, 23 June 2010

What a joke.

Copied from the Korea Times:

By Kim Hyun-cheol
Staff reporter

In the start of a new epic for its football history, South Korea made it to the round of 16 at the 2010 World Cup, for the first time in an overseas tournament.

Clumsy, and “In the start?”

Lee Jung-soo scored in the first half and Park Chu-young netted a second after halftime, as Huh Jung-moo’s squad managed a 2-2 tie with Nigeria in its last group stage match in Durban, Tuesday.

He managed to score AFTER half time. That is amazing, and illegal.

The result could have been not enough for a seat in the top 16, but the East Asians outplayed Nigeria and Greece in their Group B competition as Argentina beat Greece 2-0 in Polokwane. South Korea placed second in the group with four points, ahead of Greece with three points and Nigeria with one.

Where do I start? They have a seat? They played Greece and Nigeria at the same time, three teams in on once pitch? They outplayed Nigeria by drawing?

South Korea, which returns to the knockout stage in eight years, takes on Group A leader Uruguay Saturday at Nelson Mandela Bay in Port Elizabeth, where the team got off to a flying start for its World Cup campaign with a 2-0 victory over Greece on June 12.

Did you even try to make that sentence longer? What am I going to read for the next 8 years, while I wait for Korea to return to the Last 16.

South Korea outplayed Nigeria in attacks with 16 shots, eight of them on target, compared to Nigeria’s 11 shots including three on goal. Some critical mistakes in defense, however, gave up two goals to the Africans, which kept the Taeguk Warriors from claiming a victory they could have deserved.

They could have deserved. That is funny. They could have not deserved it. They also could have many other things.

It was Nigeria who took an initial lead. In the 12th minute, Kalu Uche converted a Chidj Odiah cross from the right to a sharp drive in the center of the box that hit the deep right of the net. Cha Du-ri was standing right behind the Nigerian midfielder, but failed to mark him on time.

However, South Korea leveled it in the 38th in a virtual repetition of the first goal against Greece, which led to Lee’s second goal of the tournament.

And this lonely “however”  sentence? I’m already tired of this commenting. You can read the rest of this clumsy article here. I’m not being paid to write decent English, so I al allowed to write the rubbish that I do, but is a news paper that English speaking people read and worse, Koreans use it to improve their English.


thebobster said...

It wouldn't be the Korea Times if it were comprehensibly ...

thebobster said...

... um, written.

Yeah, that's the word I was looking for.

surprisesaplenty said...

I share your disdain for the Korea Times. However, scoring a goal after halftime -ie, in the second half - is not only legal, but prevents the second half from being (more) boring. Scoring during halftime would be weird, and illegal.

Otto Silver said...

Yea, urm, OK. Apologies there. That was me reading what I wanted to read and not what was written down. I was reading "Second Half". Stupid, huh?