Thursday, 22 November 2007

After the Excitement

Now that the excitement had died down I will tell you more about my first day of snow.

On Monday evening I heard thunder but I ignored it because I had seen the weather forecast saying that it would rain. A few minutes after that Aska phones me and told me that she is pretty sure that the first snow was falling.

I can't tell you what it felt like when I looked out of the window and saw a brand new blanket of white. I couldn't wait for Aska to put the phone down so that I could go outside and touch the snow.

Once outside I wasted now time making a mini snowman, but without the right tools I was unable to give him a decent face. The poor thing. The photograph that I include is the one I made the next day at school. His head fell off just before the photograph, so he is a bit ugly.

I also made a snow ball and threw in a random direction. Most of the time though I was just staring at all the white with a stupid grin on my face or walking around feeling the strange crunch under my feet. The crunch isn't something I expected from the snow.

After spending some time outside I went in and phoned home to tell my parents about the first snow. I so hope they can see it some day.

I was quite tired and really wanted to get to sleep, but I kept on getting out of bed and looking at the nice fresh white cover. It was just so beautiful. I even left my blinds open so that I could see the snow when I woke up.

Tuesday morning was my first ever day in the snow and I learned a few things. The first and most important thing I learned was that when snow gets compacted then it turns to ice. This means that you don't walk in the tracks of cars. You stick to where there is lots of white fluffy snow.

This effect caused some problems when going up the mountain. The cars were unable to get past a certain point where the gradient is steeper than other places. The compacted snow, having turned completely to ice, made sure they had no traction at all. A few cars were parked where you never see them and they were walking the last bit to drop their children off.

The second thing that I learned is that the snow is stickier while the snow is coming down. In the morning, when I wanted to make a snowball to start a snowman, I was unable to because the snow kept on falling apart. Later in the day it changed again.

Third thing I learned was that it is not that cold when it snows. Sure, you don't want to go out in your shorts or something stupid like that, but for the most part it is bearable with a nice jacket.

I include a few photos of my experience for you to look at.

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