Sunday, 17 May 2009

“…ek bly ‘n Bull. Laat staan die Sharks en…”

Bulls are No. 1

The Bulls finished on top of the Super 14 standings when they ground out a 27-26 win over the Sharks in Durban on Saturday, a result which knocked their compatriots and rivals on the day out of the competition.

The result means the Bulls will be at home, in Pretoria, to the Crusaders in the one semi final next week, while Chiefs swill host the Hurricanes in Hamilton.

This was a nail biter and one of the most exiting games I have seen in a very long time. Things like this can turn you from a supporter in to a fan.

** The post title is from a song that us the unofficial anthem of the Blue Bulls Rugby Union. The part in the title says “…I’ll stay a Bull. Never mind the Sharks and…”

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