Saturday, 16 May 2009

Enough Pride Already

I'm on the Seoul subway and an old man gets on. He looks at me but moves on, so I'm thinking he just does not want to sit next to the Waegugin. I'm mistaken.

He moves past and tries to sell a packet of gum to a lady across from me and when she declines his product he moves on.

The next tarket happens to be a mother and daughter. They decide that they don't want any gum but still want to help, so they take out quite a hand full of change to give to the man. While the daughter counts, the mother tries to give the useless gum back.

The old man, however, does not want the gum back, but neither dies he want the money. It would seem that the are not giving the amount he is asking for, even thought the are giving the gum back with the money.

He ends up walking away, looking back indignantly more than once while the two women fume at his behaviour.

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