Friday, 22 May 2009

Something strange happened to me on the way to Friday

We took our annual teachers group photo today. Everyone was all dressed up. Even the Physical Education teacher was wearing a suite. I, on the other hand, was wearing my normal summer clothes, a dress shirt without a tie and rolled up sleeves. Can you guess why I was not dressed appropriately?

This makes it 4 out of the five days this week that thing were just forgotten. I wonder if I will get a 5/5 soon?

At least I can live with the knowledge that no one told the Korean first grade English teacher that I would not be there this afternoon. I guess I shouldn’t think that Koreans tell each other what they need to know either. Next time I will just have to tell her as soon as I know myself.

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karl said...

Ah yes, happened to me several times. All evidence for my theory Koreans pass information between themselves via a chemical means we can't smell but assume we can. *sniff sniff* *oh picture day phermone!*