Monday, 11 May 2009

Getting back to life

You know how your life just goes on to a useless direction every now and then? For various reasons mine did just that. For the last few months I was just lost in Korea. My apartment was a pig sty for weeks at a time so that I could hardly take a step without breaking something. Just try to keep things clean when it is that untidy.

The untidy room was just the most visible evidence, but the problem with that was it put you in a mindset of not wanting to do other things. Who would want to DO anything IN such a mess? It was my excuse for not studying in that I would clean for five minutes instead of study and then get bored. In I room like that I didn’t feel like keeping track of my photos, never mind editing them, and lost quite a few of the originals. At least I still have the edits. I didn’t want to cook and washing my clothes in a timely fashion was just not happening.

My health took a hit as well. For the last two weeks I was constantly tired. During the last two weeks I would get home from school and sleep for three hours, missing about half of the Hapkido classes for the period. I didn’t have any food for breakfast for almost a week and consequently I was not eating breakfast for that whole time. Needless to say, I didn’t have food for dinner either, so I ended up eating rubbish at various restaurants.

For no apparent reason, somewhere around Wednesday, I realized I really had to make a choice or things were just going to get worse. Since Wednesday I’ve been cleaning my apartment a little bit every day, packing things away to get it off the floor and where it belongs, vacuuming constantly to get rid of all the little bits that fall out of the stuff that was strewn on said floor and constantly taking out the full bags of junk.

I went shopping for fruit and other breakfast to make sure I get a good start to the day. I started going through my Korean every day. I even installed a decent TODO program on my iPod to keep track of all those things I tend to forget. This morning I went as far as doing a bunch of push-ups, sit-ups and back extensions to get the blood going.

With some direction in my life again, I seem to be getting four times as much done now and I feel the energy flowing again. For a bit if proof of how I am getting things back on track, just have a look at all the photos I uploaded on to Facebook lately. Now to see if I can get the blogging back on track again. If I can keep the photo editing up then I might start using the blog to display them.

New Facebook Uploads:

Korea, Hub of Pia (Three new)

Icheon - Part Two (A few towards the end)

Icheon Ceramics Festival (New Album)

Korea All Over (Rugby at the end)

Seoul Motor Show 2009 (Older, but still new-ish)

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