Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Awkward Dialogue

A: Is there anything wrong with you?
B: I just feel terrible every morning these days.
A: You’d better go see a doctor.
B: I agree. I need to make an appointment soon.

(Where does this fascination with “these days” come from? It’s a bit strange and I never see it in a text book. In this conversation you don’t need it, at all.


A: Can I offer you advice?
B: Yes, please.
A: That colour doesn’t match you.

B: OK, and the advice you were going to give?
A: That was the advice.
B: Really? Question…if I was a Smurf, what colour would match me? I’m guessing…Blue?
A: That is silly and you are not a Smurf.
B: OK then, soooo… skin colour would match me. Don’t you think that will make me look a bit, well, naked?

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-Tinkerbelle- said...

It was not just awkward..! But it was "horror"....!.. ;p