Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Cheap Side

Almost done with Indonesia, we are.

After visiting Prambanan Temple many people go to watch the traditional dance performance. At the venues there is a buffet available at 65000 Rupiah. By this time I was starting to get a bit tired of being taken to tourist places where they charge you prices like these. Sure, 65000 Rupiah is about 6500 won, not bad of a full mean, but in Indonesia that is not cheap, at all!

Because of the price, and because I was just not hungry, I decided to skip the buffet. My guide never ate with me. He would usually go get something cheap while I was busy doing other things, so while we were waiting he asked if it was OK if he went to get dinner. “Go? Out of here? Sure! Do they have something to drink, because I am parched?”

We ended up going to this little place about 2 minutes away from the performance area. You know those really dodgy, very cheap little places you get in the back streets of Korea? Those places that don’t seem capable of making anything other than ramyan? This looked like one of those.

My guide ended up buying me noodles, which I didn’t finish because, really, I wasn’t hungry. He also told me stories and interesting things about Indonesia which I would never have had the chance to hear before.

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