Tuesday, 18 August 2009

This is civilization? I like it.

I finally moved in to my new apartment and it only took four hour to do so. The first two hours were the worst because one of the reasons I wanted to move was because that the old apartment was freezing in winter and boiling in summer. I was sweating like a pig because of all the open windows and the AC was thus ineffective. Now I just have to sort the chaos and filth that is the new.

The new apartment is bigger, cooler and in a much better location. I am removed from the traffic, so it is relatively quiet. I fell asleep to the sound of summer insects last night. Because I am now next to other apartment blocks and not isolated like I used to me, I can go outside and actually see people. Children are playing, people are sitting in the pavilions and some are walking with small bags of things they bought at the small shops outside of the complex

Speaking of shops, I now have a whole street filled with life. There are neon signs just outside the gate. I have food when I need it, I have convenience stores when I need it and there are always people moving about. Is this what it is like to live closer to civilization then?

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-Friendly Travelguide- said...

well,,, i'm not sure, caveman... :p