Sunday, 16 August 2009

Time to start this again, don’t you think?

I’m back in Korea after a nice three week holiday that took me both home and to Java. The new year is waiting and hopefully it will be accompanied by as much travel as I can manage. There is so much of Korea that I haven’t done and so much that I still want to do.

As for the blog, this will have to either get going again or I will have to just give up. I’m not sure I want to give up just yet…

This blog was always mostly about “traveling” and describing the experience, but after about two year there wasn’t much that was extremely strange any more. Everything in Korea now seems normal in its own way, so I have decided to turn the blog more in to a Photo a Day type blog. That DLSR needs lots of practice. Sure, there might not be an actual photo a day, but I will try to keep the posts regular and often. I will also try to accompany the photos with story descriptions, mostly to keep things more interesting for myself.

Hope this works for you. If not, oh well, not much I can/want to do about that.

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