Monday, 17 December 2007

So Much Weather.

I often wonder why Koreans don't mention the weather more often. I have never heard anyone utter that very English greeting: "Morning. Nice weather we're having" or something along those lines. People have talked to me about the weather, but not in the same way the English do.

I find this very surprising, because there is almost as much weather here in Korea as in England. No, in winter, you start the day out cold and then it moves on to not so cold. On some days it is overcast and other days not. You even get bits of rain scattered in between. Today, for example was a particularly gloomy and cold day. It made me long to be back in England, hence this post. I really miss my London days.

As a last comment on this topic, I went and found out how to say "Nice weather today" in Korean...

안녕하세요. 날씨가 좋군요?
(Annyeonghasaeyo. Narsiga johgunyo?)

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