Friday, 21 December 2007

Where did it go?

I was listening to one of my favourite Podcasts yesterday. It is a Podcast known as Seoul Survivors. It is coming to an end, but it is sill worth downloading and listening to them all. The hosts were talking about how their students don't know where Korea is on a map and how, when they find it, they then don't believe that it can be that small.

Hearing this gave me the idea to use a map as the Blog header. Not now, you misunderstand, but in the future. With this in mind I went hunting on Google for a map to use.

While searching I stumbled on to this particular map I'm showing here. It is a well know map of Earth's night lights. Another way interpreting it is that this is a map of the level of development of Earth's nations. Developed areas use more electricity and have more lights, generally speaking.

On the first map you can see the whole world. Naturally my eyes drifted to where I'm from and to where I am now. When you look towards the top left you will see a bright little snake. That is Japan. Just to the left is a little island. That is Korea, where I am writing from. More to the left you will see mainland China.

The world at night

On the next map I zoomed a bit so that we have a better view of Easter Asia. You an see all three countries I spoke of much better now.

Eastern Asia

Have a closer look at Korea in this one. If you look closely at the top you'll see that it's not the same dark blue of the sea, but the slightly lighter blue of land. That's right, if you didn't know this before then you know it now. Korea is not an island. That dark part is NORTH Korea. I live in SOUTH Korea. Like most Koreans, I refer to Korea as if it is one country. That is because I believe that it should be one. Practically and politically, however, they are two nations.

As a side note on this one, have a look at the immense power usage in the Gyeonggi, and more specifically, the Seoul-Incheon area. It's frightening.

The Black Spot

Just in case you really don't believe me about the North being there I went ahead and did an overlay of the countries borders from another map. I'm sure you can see it now, right?

Borders of the North

It is astonishing, and sad, that the North seems to have almost no electricity. This from a country where the people believe they have everything and the rest of the world want to be like them.


Mokhtar Ouanouki said...

japan is in the top right of the map, not top left

Otto Silver said...

You are correct. I tried to fix it, but I'm getting error messages. It seems that if I update the post then all the images will be broken.