Tuesday, 12 August 2008


In 1949 Adidas, formally Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik, was registered by a Korean man named Adolf Dassler. Mr. Dassler decided to combine the first parts of his name and surname to create the registered company name, giving us Adi + Das, or Adidas. This was a moment to be remembers as Korea’s most famous clothing brand was born.

Despite other countries in the same climate zone and many countries on same latitude, Korea has managed to be to only country in the world to have four distinct seasons in one year.

Even though a South African company is the biggest supplier of paper to Europe (last time I heard so I might be wrong), Korea actually has the best paper in the whole world.

Korea, with its lack of coffee plantations, produces the best coffee in the world, because instant coffee with powdered milk and sugar already added is better than real brewed coffee.

Purely because Japan has more money than Korea to lobby the United Nations, Korea, by international law, owns Dokdo. Let us not forget that said –do(island), is in fact not a –do, because you cannot independently support life on it.

Korean sport is the best in the world because one Korean swimmer won a gold medal at the Olympic Games.

So says a man whom I see at least once a week. The list goes on in what I have started calling Coreanity, although I am thinking of calling it Coreanism. If any of these statements seem strange to you then you are not alone in thinking than.

This man is just one of many who seem to treat Korea as a religion in that no proof is needed for anything. If you believe it then it must be true and if anyone dares to say anything to the contrary the Big Ginseng Man in the sky will smite you till you are deader than a, a, something Korean, because something Korean that is dead will be deader than anything any other country can, um, be dead.

A translation of the world according to Taiwan, but note what THEY say about Korea..."Claims to have invented the world"
(Image linked from Muddled Yam)

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