Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Sword Play

So, I went to Hapkido today. It was the second day of the second week. Because I am new to this and have never been very supple anyway, I change my clothed as soon as I arrived and started stretching. I want to start stretching at home as well because there are a few things that require me to be able to split, or something close to it. Problem is, I have NEVER been close to it. I think three times a day will help me along towards this new goal.

After my stretching, we started with the normal warm-ups and mat technique. At one point fell strangely on a silly little fall and had a shock run up my neck. I had to lie, unmoving, for a few seconds just to compose myself. Tomorrow morning I am going to feel it.

Last week we played with the chained (short) sticks, my own name, and that turned out to be an injury session for me. Today we played with swords. It is not easy and again I was confused about what to do, how, and when. This week my training material purchace will be a wooden sword. They are cheap here. Only 10 000 won or so. It would be at least R200 in South Africa, I am sure. Hapkido is more fun than I thought.

Just before we left I was assigned homework. I am to do handstands and balance against the wall. Thirty, he said. I am OK with that, except that I have nowhere to do it. I asked the school to take out my dining table because I never use it. I also asked them to take my bed because it is in the way and gathers to much dust underneath. I am going to get a Korean mattress and sleep on the floor. Lastly I asked if they will take my desk, because it will look funny all on its own. Once this is done I will have all the space in the world to train with weapon and do handstands against the wall.

I’m still waiting for confirmation about putting my furniture in storage. I am willing to pay for the moving. Surely it will not be that much.

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