Friday, 22 August 2008


(If you don't feel like reading then please to skip to the end for the YouTube clip)

The way my apartment is set up annoys me. It is not a small apartment at all, at least not by Seoul standards. I actually have to get up from my bed and walk to the stove to fry an egg. I don't get to do it while lying down. I don't actually live in Seoul, but this is just to compare.

The problem, you see, is mostly with my dining table. I don't use it and it is just in my way. I have to walk around it to get to the fridge or my closet.

The idea came too me to ask my school if they will store it in their store room. Then I reasoned that I should include the bed in this. Since there will only be this big desk left in the room that is not well positioned either, I thought I would ask them to take that as well. They agreed!

My idea was to get a small fold-up table to eat on, a bigger one for the laptop, a floor chair and one of those Korean sleeping mats. This way I can rearrange the place easily and I have heaps of space to swing a wooden sword, do push-ups or injure myself while trying to do the splits.

To my amazement the school not only agreed to take the furniture, but basically insisted on buying the new items for me as well. We went to buy it today and it came to about 100 000 won. Shweet! I am really happy about this because I never even hinted at it.

Unfortunately it was raining today, so the "problem furniture" are still in the apartment. Even though I arranged to skip hapkido tonight because of the intended move, I decide not to go anyway. My ankles can do with a rest after yesterday's punishment. Now I have to decide when, next week, we can do the move. I don't really like missing the classes. I pay for them and they are fun.


I didn't actually feel like writing a post today, but somehow I ended up writing all this nonsense. My only intention was to post this YouTube clip.

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