Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Dokdo is ours, YEA!

People have told me I am a sarcastic person. I have no idea why they would say that, but I must admit that I like sarcastic humour. Because of that Dokdo Is Ours has been one of my favourite blogs from the very first post I read. This post had me crying with laughter. Unfortunately you have to have been in Korea for a while to truly appreciate the sarcasm here. If not, and you are not American, then imagine everything you think about Americans and apply it to Korea, times two, because Koreans truly do seem to think they are the only place that matter in the entire world.

After having said all that, I also believe that, like all other countries, people with the annoying and extreme opinions scream the loudest. I have found many Koreans who do not think this is the centre of the universe and do believe that they can learn a lot from other countries.


Anonymous said...

WE HAVE TO BEAT JAPAN EVERYTHING. If Japan translate it into all the languages in the world, then we have to make one new language and add it to the list, so we can beat JAP down!!! (The post you linked make me laugh too. It seems so real.)

Dokdo Is Ours said...

I didn't realize until just now that I never thanked you for linking, uh...thanks.

Anonymous; hells yeah!