Wednesday, 31 December 2008

I'm turning Korean. I really think so.

I have been here to long! I’m turning Korean!

There are many things I don’t like about Korea, just like there are many things I DO like. There is, however, only one thing I hate about Korea. Koreans can’t walk straight.

I’m serious. I mentioned this before and I am sure I will mention it again. For a country with such a dense population, people here have no regard for others around them. When you walk in a relatively busy area then you tend to walk in a straight line, right? You tent to follow some real or imagined line on the ground and stick to it until you have a reason to deviate, right? Not in Korea.

In Korea you walk, veering left and right in a random fashion with no care of who is behind you or approaching from the front. I have found myself walking like this way to often the last few months and it is starting to bother me.

I’m also starting to like the super high, porn star like heels the girls wear, the men don’t look all that gay any more and if something has a cute picture on it then I am more likely to buy it. In the past I would have been less likely. What is happening to me?

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