Monday, 01 December 2008

School Classroom Signs

For some reason you don't really see a lot of Korean on sites like and Engrish Funny, so I like to alert people to them when they some up.

The Two-th grade is funny, but I think I might be able to equal it. The first is from my own school, where we, apparently teach the art of flying:

The second come from a Elementary School where I attended an open class. This school is lucky enough to be teaching the next generation of X-Men:


* Brian left a comment about his schools Feeding Facilitie. "It is spelled with a 'y', you fools. How are the little beasts ever going to learn English like this? " ;)

* Sue had a cool sign that was ACTUALLY cool. I WANT one of those. She sent me this comment:

When I was given my first tour of my school I noted the 'Stack Room'. Of course it was the store room where you stacked things.....makes sense in a Korean way! I pointed out that its called a store or supply room and so the sign was changed.

Then I saw my grotty old classroom (before my new hi tech English classroom and library was built) was called the English Zone (pronounced Joan). I saw this sign in other schools too. I said I definitely didn't want my new rooms to be called the English Zone so I got a beautiful sign calling it the English Dept!!! It was always nice when they actually listened to me.

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I'm treated to this twice a week: