Sunday, 07 December 2008

The Karate Kid with English Radio

For some reason I felt like watching The Karate Kid. Since I started doing a martial art I have started looking at film like this one in a different way. Now I see things I never saw before and I can see who actually know what they are doing. I still have a lot to learn and I am still trying to do the basics myself, but I have learned what they are and what is normal, so now that amazing kick is just, well, silly.

I downloaded with a torrent that had all four films in the series. Since I never knew there was a Next Karate Kid, so I decided to download that as well and watch it. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the next star was a girl, and Hilary Swank of all girls. I was even more surprised when I saw what she could do. She knows how to kick and she sure knows how to throw a punch. That is more than could be said for the first Karate Kid. The film wasn’t too bad, but was just more of the normal stuff. Bad guys trying to pick a fight, bad teacher egging them on, the philosophy teaching with the weird techniques to the rebellious student and the inevitable showdown and dirty fighting by the bad guy. All in all it was OK, but nothing more.


After the film, as I was getting ready to go out to do some shopping, I decided to listen to the new English radio station in Seoul. Since I don’t own a radio and I am in broadband heaven, I just went to the site and started streaming the audio. While there I had a look at the descriptions of the programs.

Oh Boy! The English! True to Korea, they also ignore the rule of capitalising the first letter of a sentence. All in all the English is not bad, but not good either, and if you want to put it on the Internet and promote yourself and an English station, don’t you think you should use the English Speakers who work for you to do a quick proof read?

At least we have a station to listen to now. I even heard a bit of English language Rock the other day.


I don’t have an English Speaker who works for me and therefore no one to proof read my stuff. If you have ever written a blog then you will know that it is not easy to proof your own stuff because you know what you are suppose to say and just don’t see your own mistakes. I humbly apologise for the many grammar and spelling mistakes that I make. I know they are there, but I only see them if I read my posts a week later, and who has time to do that.

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