Saturday, 06 December 2008

Pineapple Express

I just finished watching Pineapple Express. I am not a movie buff and I don’t do movie reviews. All I can say is I didn’t think is was a great film, but it did what it was supposed to do and entertained me. My favourite two conversations in the film happened just a couple of minute out of each other the go like this:

“Think about a hermit crab, ok? And it’s a shell and it’s like they go from one shell to the next. And that’s what I am. It’s like I’m just a hermit crab, changing shells.”

“Except, if you’re a dick your whole life, your next shell will be made of shit, OK? If you’re an asshole you’re going to come back as a cockroach, or a worm, or a fucking anal bead, OK? If you’re a man, and you act heroic, you’ll come back as an eagle. You’ll come back as a dragon. You’ll come back as Jude Law, OK? Which would you rather be?”

“Hmm, maybe the anal bead might…depending on who it belongs to.”

“It belongs to me!”

“Then, the dragon.”


“I can’t do this. I’m sorry, man. I can’t do this. I’m infected. My shits all fucked up. I need medical attention.”

“What do you mean you can’t…? I thought we just got all pumped up. What was that all about?”

“Dude! Ted is a fucking murderer! I can’t fuck with him! I’ve got a wife man. She’s going to be out of jail soon. I want to fuck her. I want to have sex with her. I am NOT going to wake up murdered tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I believe you are a South you know if there are any SA groups/ clubs here in Korea?

Cant find anything online exept a women's group?


Otto Silver said...

You could have emailed me. Would have been much easier for both of us.

But never mind, it is no biggie. I don't really know of any groups here in Korea because I am not really interested in hanging out with South Africans. If they are there then I do and if they are not then I don't. I treat them the same as people from everyone else. Except Koreans, of course, because they are everywhere.

Something that might work is to just type in "South Africa Korea" in to Facebook. There might not be a group, but there are a lot of us here. We are becoming a pest ;)

If that is not enough, then why don't you just start your own group on Facebook? I'm sure many people will join, me not being one of them. :P