Tuesday, 05 February 2008



On Saturday we went to watch a performance Jump. This show has been running in Seoul for almost 4 years now and I can see why. Since I don’t feel like writing to much today, I’ll be quoting Tour2Korea’s description of the story.

“This musical tells about an eccentric family who brags about their amazing martial art skills. The story begins with a man who’s in love with the daughter of this family and visits their home in which the lady’s grandfather, father, mother and uncle, all live together and are all masters of martial arts. Since her grandfather loves to practice martial arts with all the family members every day, the man has no choice but to join them.”

“However, contrary to his weak appearance, he discovers that he is actually good at martial arts and the daughter begins to fall in love with him. One day, two thieves break into their house, but there is nothing for them to steal. All they could do is just run away before they get caught.”

There are a few things I liked more than others in the show. Firstly, the girl who played the daughter had a nice butt. Sure, this doesn’t sound important, but this is me, I can’t help looking! It was VERY nice. She also looks more like she does Fung Fu than Taekwondo. The mother is much better looking than the make-up suggests and the drunken son fits well in to his role.

I loved the scene during the burglary when the lights went out. I also liked the scene where the grandfather flies through the air, Hong Kong style, being carried by the other actors. Thinking back, that was the end of the burglary. Yes, yes, I think I just loved the whole burglary, period.

All in all I would recommend this to anyone. It is a bit silly at times, but it's the kind of show that will give everyone a laugh.

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