Thursday, 14 February 2008

Saint Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is commonly celebrated but the giving of Cards, sweets and flower for the girl or guy you fancy. In recent years it had become one of the biggest marketing days in the world and in many countries is second only to Christmas. The exact reason for celebrating this day and for the traditions associated with it are unclear, but it is speculated that it started as a festival for various saints of that name and the romantic practices started in the age of chivalry with men writing sweet notes to their women on this day.

In South Korea there is a little bit of a twist. Here February the 14th is all about the guy in the relationship. To make up for that, and to make a bit more money, we also have a White Day and a Black Day, on 14 March and 14 April respectively. I will say more about this when those come up.

I’m going to stay with Western habits and make it all about the girl. In celebration of that I have this amazing snack…


Note the singular and not only is this a simple Sesame Stick, but TASTE as well. I just found it amusing because it was sold with all the chocolates on display in the shop where I bought it. I was very disappointed to find that it was filled with long pretzel sticks. They didn’t even taste good. I ate one and threw the rest away

I would like spread some love to a few people for helping me with the blog:

My parent, because they are the real reason I write all this.
Ida, for picking up what seems to be every single spelling mistake.
Sue and Christopher, for proof reading it when they are bored.
Queenie, for reading it annoying me while I'm trying to write posts.
Pauline, for reading it regularly and commenting via email.
Aska, for apparently reading it more often than I thought.
Ditto for Ee Su Jang
Dian, for trying to read it often.
June and Dezzie, for at least looking at it when I ask them.
Unknown People who seem to read bits of it while surfing the web.


Anonymous said...

im not annoying....
im your number one avid avid i mean bored!!!


-Dian Devline- said...

thanks... just received ur love over here.. :D... hehehe.. and yeh.. am trying.. ;)