Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Year Book Photos

We received a kind of a yearbook last week. I'm not sure if it is a complete one, but it is still nice to have. In it head shots of every teacher and a collection of photos of the students. I suspect there is a more complete version that this somewhere in circulation.

I thought it might be nice you show you people what the staff on our English Department look like.

The English Department

Don't you just love the blond idiot at the bottom? He looks like he has not seen the inside of the hair salon since forever and that expression on his face looks like he is hyped up on adrenalin from scoring the winning goal in a wind-disrupted match outside. (I don' really care that much, but I didn't know we were having our photos taken)

I also thought I would include this beautiful crop of the group photographs. We just have the best students at my school, wouldn't you agree? (That boy is not representative of the school though. I have many students who will greet me politely when they see me, say thank you for every little thing and are always smiling. Also, they will never show that, not after I thought EVERYONE what it actually means)

Our Well mannered Students

It turns out Boy Genius watches to many films and learned most of his English from that. I rest my case. He made my jaw drop by watching movies, not by attending a hagwan. I have a similar girl in with the first years.


Anonymous said...

blond idiot looked like he was SURPRISED by something..hehehehe
Nice Photo...
and the kid with the F finger...BRILLIANT!!!!


Glenn said...

Hahaha, ahh yeah, the school photo's got me by suprise too. The lady opposite you (diagonally) is very pretty!

-Dian Devline- said...

what??!! blond idiot?? agreeed..!! hehehe.. and stripes.. hmmmmm.. totally different!
then,, yeah.. the boy with f#%k thing on his finger.. damn moron but brave enough to show that! he got nerve!