Saturday, 23 February 2008

News of the week

Korea Plans Centre for Neuroscience
Maybe now we will be able to find out who is crazier. Korean, Japanese, Chinese or South Africans.

Where's the Sense in South Africa?
A bit of news from my "lovely" country.

`Italy Towel’ Enjoys Decades of Boom
The story of a Korean product.

Lee Cleared of Fraud Allegations
Even if he was guilty, would it be admitted? It might do more damage to the country if they did then if they denied everything, I would think.

Koreans Account for 23.7% of Total Inbound Tourist Traffic to RP in January
At least now we know where they all disappear to every now and then.

Man Caught for Attempt to Eat Landlady's Dog
This will put a dent in Korea's Dog-Eating image. Also of note, it's another drunk Ajushi.

Lastly, a bit of cute Engrish

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