Saturday, 02 February 2008

News of the week

Saturdays are not always the days when I want to be posting something, so I’ve decided to make a short list of stories I found on the internet. I picked them up during the weeks and saved them just for today.

This first story is really sad. This is one of the reasons why westerns don’t like strangers around their children. The story started on Dave’s ESL Café and went public, in a sense, through Brian in Jeollanam-do.

After that the Korean Media picked it up and apparently OhMyNews was first. The TV news claimed that photo was copywrited by THEM and that THEY broke the story. Like so many things in East Asia, they steal the story and claim it for themselves. It is a nice place to be, but plagiarism is rampant here.

I know this is more of a political point, but this is why not only Foreign Teachers are to be mistrusted and criminally checked up. Oh brother!

Here is an article about changing the way English words are written in Korean Hangeul to help with pronunciation. Most people would agree that it does need to be changed, some more drastically than others. The fun in this story is in the comments people made about the article. I suspect it is funnier because I live here, but it should still be good for you.

This article says that the President would like to get more Ethnic Korean from English speaking countries to come teach here. It makes sense because they already speak Korean AND perfect English. But wait! Some of them are already here! The ones who are not here have, like the non ethnic Koreans, have normal jobs in their own countries. Do they really think it anything will change in this regard?

I agree with this article. This country is small enough already, so get that water line back where it belongs.

Apparently Daejeon is the Environmental Capital of Asia and Chile is in the top ten list for economic freedom. WOW!

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