Friday, 23 May 2008

Morning Dating

I had the TV on this morning while getting ready for school. We have a sports day today, so I had more time to do, stuff. There was a show running which I assume was some kind of dating show. Here is a description of one of the “contestants”: Shoulder length hair with a pony tail and stick stuck in for looks; perfectly shaped eyebrows; well done make-up; longish white painted nails; shiny stud ear rings. Well sculpted chest but legs that look like tooth picks.

Yup, it was a guy. For the live of me I can’t see why a girl would be interested in what I can only describe as a girly boy. Sure, he might have a nice personality, but he seemed to be a real ass. The only men I have ever seen that resembled this were all not just gay, but blazing Queens. And people wonder why you don’t really see Western girls with Korean men.

The girls were quite cute thought and having them wear bikinis did make me more interested. It is 7:30 am. Do you really expect me to look for something intellectual on TV?


-Dian Devline- said...

hahaha... maybe u should try to join this show sometime... :D....

Otto Silver said...

Just go away! We dont need your sort here.