Friday, 02 May 2008


After the exams this week we had the normal get together for the teacher. First though, everyone went up Salbeong Mountain. Somehow I ended up walking with the Principal, Vice Principal and two other teachers. I think the rest never went up that mountain, but that is irrelevant.

I bought a cappuccino to accompany me up the mountain and offered my vice principal a taste. She shares my like for coffee. She took a sip, pointed at the spot where she drank and said: “뽀뽀” (Poppo) It means something like Little Kiss.

I heard about this before. If a women drinks from the same cup as a man, then she they should use opposite sides otherwise it will result in an indirect. As far as I know most people don’t really care, but it is still a concept that is familiar to most Koreans, it seem

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